Am I The One You Are Looking For?

It was in those days when year after year everything turned to mud. One day in a depressed state of mind, I gave up. If there is a God, would he help me? Time passed by. Months turned into one long day. Nothing changed. Then one day I called in sick, stayed home, and laid down. I fell asleep and a vision appeared. I was in a dark room, sitting in a wooden chair facing a closed door. Then a light shown under the door. A fear came over me. Someone was on the other side of that door. The door opened slowly and a warm bright light flooded the room. A man dressed in a white robe stepped forward stood in the doorway and asked me, “Am I the One You Are Looking For?” I fell to my knees and crying, I said “Yes”. The last thing I saw was a small little boy holding hands with this man as they walked up the dirt path. That was me and He was the Christ, the Son of the Living God. In that moment I decided to leave what the world calls society and entered into a world of spirituality that only those who enter it can understand. I pray, you the reader, may someday walk the one and only path that leads you into the world of spirituality and leads you out of the darkness of today’s society and addictions. God bless you and may the Lord have mercy on you. James L. Crawford, Author

--James L. Crawford

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