Amazing and Amusing Democrats

Compton Oliver is a businessman who knows all about failures and ultimate success too. He has transformed and defied all the negative stereo-typed victimism that defied much of the black community. Of course, the odds were against him. However, he has become a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur.

He migrated from Guyana (former British Guiana) in 1980. Upon arrival in the United States as a permanent resident, he was hellhole broke to the degree that he had to borrow a dime from a passenger while waiting at Kennedy International Airport, New York City. That was his defining moment when he made a vow to himself. He also came to the realization that it was better to be prosperous than to be poor.

The rest of his accomplishments are evidence that America is still the greatest country in the world and a land of opportunity to anyone who would apply himself. Just to name a few of his accomplishments: Oliver's Liquidation Store, Quick Cars Unlimited (used car dealership), Creative Ventures (garment printing), and Bridging the Gap (nonprofit organization dedicated to working with troubled youth).

Sure enough, he is not a politician but a Christian who holds conservative views. Amazing and amusing Democrats were written to stimulate conversation, discussion, and even some debate in a simple, friendly forum without all the political poison of today. It's designed purpose is to unite families around the kitchen table and to establish that comradely fellowship instead of political animus, distrust, strife, and intolerance.

Happy reading to all!

--Compton Oliver