Amazing Love: The Amazing Unrelenting Love of God

From the very beginning of time, God’s purpose for man was to be His companion. Above all, it has always been God’s plan to have a loving relationship with man. However, God would not compel man to love Him. God wanted man to love Him by his own choice, so God presented man with a choice. When man chose his own self-determination and own wisdom rather than accepting God benevolent love, God turned man away from the garden of Eden. Sin, suffering, and hardship became man’s plight by his own choice.That would have been a sad outcome except in spite of man’s self-serving selfish actions, God never stopped loving him.The Bible chronicles God’s unrelenting actions to win man love. Only when we acknowledge God’s relentless love by accepting the love relationship exemplified by Jesus will we experience the bond that God intended for us from the very beginning. When we accept God’s love by following Jesus’s example, our desire will be to meet God’s expectations. Jesus taught us that this can be best accomplished by being obedient to his will and daily following the PASS Principle.The purpose of this book is to share the story of God’s amazing love so that we can envision God’s plan, past, present and future, through the prism of God’s unrelenting love.

--Jay Willhoite