Amazing True Stories of Miracles

For more than six decades, God has used Victor Sobrepena Sr. extensively in the Philippines and other parts of the world to champion the name of Jesus Christ with signs of wonders and miracles. He has impacted multitudes in the Philippines and other parts of the world where the Lord directed him to go.

Victor Senior grew up in the small town of Santa Rosa, San Juan, La Union, in the Philippines, where farming was a necessity for survival.

The Holy Spirit guided him in spite of his humble upbringing. Since the beginning of awareness as a two-year old, he has had the passion for the Lord Jesus Christ right up to the time that God called him audibly to be an evangelist as his lifetime assignment.

Healings and miracles had been prominent in Victor Senior’s life from an early age. When he was a toddler, the Lord revived him from a deadly accident. At age sixteen, during WWII, he was captured and tortured by the Japanese army, and the Lord miraculously intervened for his escape and many of such events that you will read in the book.

As an evangelist, Victor Senior went boldly to places that few would dare to go. He visited the remotest and dangerous sites in the Philippines to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord faithfully protected him from physical harm, sickness, and disease. Wherever he went, the Holy Spirit manifested His presence through countless healings and miracles in crusades and evangelistic meetings.

His passion for preaching the Gospel still runs strong even at his young age of ninety-one. Retirement is not in his vocabulary.

This is a book that has finally been written to chronicle God’s miraculous intervention in Victor Senior’s life and people. It is so extraordinary that the reader might become skeptical. However, this is Victor Senior’s testimony of God’s truth in every aspect.

This book should be read in its entirety to get the full perspective of God’s desire to save those who are lost, to heal those who are sick, and to provide their needs.

--Victor E. Sobrepeña Sr.

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