Anchor Age

Anchor Your Children in God

Do you want to raise your children in their gifts, calling, and ministry in God? Do you want to anchor your children down in the character and attributes of whom God promises that he is to his children? Do you want to give your children something of substance that will sustain them when they are older? How do we as parents do that?

• With biblical insight into Bible characters who were in their youth when God started using them

• With a thorough understanding of the gifts of God and examples of how they were used by someone in the Bible

• With prayers we as parents can pray over our children and ourselves

• With a detailed chapter of the many anchors our children can carry on their vessels in this life

• With the revelation to give your children the ability to have a bend toward their heavenly Father

God has put you as parents in a rare situation to create in your children what he creates in your adult lives. It is our job as parents to raise our children up in the calling they have over their lives. As parents, you can collaborate with God to bring to fruition the ministry your children were placed on this earth to have.

Find out what the anchor age is all about in this book!

--Kimberly Porter

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