Andromeda: A War Beyond

Far away in the distant galaxy of Andromeda, there is a confrontation that has lasted for over two hundred years. Two races in total conflict over a planet the size of Jupiter. A world encompassing unlimited resources that could sustain any race for life. Protagonists have lived on this world since the beginning of time, understanding its contents and its uses as this planet is on one side of their galaxy.

The other side of this galaxy, the antagonist's planet, is the size of Mars, almost barren like the Sahara Desert. Antagonists want to claim this new world for themselves by getting rid of these humanoids, taking over their planet. Since their world's condition is deteriorating, they spread their dark wings in their own system, claiming the other four worlds, and taking their culture and their precious treasures like water, which life needs to thrive. To strike a blow on these humanoids, antagonists ignite a vile plot by sending three King Cruisers on a special mission, staking entitlement on this world and its entire system.

--Andrew Hoesman

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