Angels Performing Miracles

Angels Performing Miracles is the sequel to There's an Angel Inside of Me. Ryan Simmons, now in the hereafter, and as an angel in training, is monitored, once again, by Theodore the Guardian Angel.

Ryan, though still not eligible for heaven, is assigned to watch his reissued soul, Paul Ryan, on earth. Paul, the new soul is allowed to recommend to the guardian angel, drastic life-changing events on earth, miracles. But what will he recommend, and why? And what is the hereafter all about, anyway?

Questions will be asked: Why are terrible things on earth allowed to remain unchanged? And is it all really revolving around: free will.

With so many questions for Ryan, the new soul, Paul and us, Ryan, finally is allowed something very special. He is allowed just forty-eight hours back on earth, to recommend his own miracles to be considered.

What will they be, and why? Will they be allowed or declined by God? And what are the reasons God will allow or disallow Ryan's urgent miracle requests?

You will feel what Ryan feels as he travels the earth looking for miracles we all may want to choose. Hold on tight as the assignment begins.

--John Paul Carinci

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