Anna Mae's Buckshot: A Novel About the Power of God's Love

In August of 1888, Anna Mae Hill is gifted a horse by her grandmother, Mary. Anna Mae hates the old gentle gelding named Buckshot.Buckshot, on the other hand, thinks Anna Mae is the child's mother, who has returned to take care of him. The lovelorn horse vies for Anna Mae's affection, only to be repeatedly rebuffed by the child. An incident on the first day of school, however, changes everything.Known only to Mary, the special horse that endured the brutality of the Civil War and survived a suicidal and senseless cavalry charge in the closing moments of Gettysburg was sent by God. The horse's mission, as Anna Mae will discover, is to unleash the greatest power entrusted to her by God. A power greater than anything man can muster, and entrusted to all humanity.The power of love.

--David Kosak

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