Answers for the Honest Skeptic: Answering Skeptic Objections to Biblical Christianity: Part 3: The Conflicting World Religions

It is true that mankind itself has probably always been characterized with the main desire to determine just what spiritual truth really is. For centuries and centuries, highly educated philosophers and religious men alike have always stood toe-to-toe, disagreeing on spiritual truth. Since they cannot all be right, this would strongly indicate that education, religious persuasion, or even intelligence has little to do with our discovery of the real spiritual truth. For if these things were truly critical, then obviously, the spiritual/intellectual giants of history would have agreed on spiritual truth long ago.In this work, author Ted Even endeavors to show that the disagreeing intellectuals/skeptics of the past only serves to reinforce Christ's radical statement about our need to just become like little children in order to discover the spiritual truth and that literally everyone has the same opportunity to enter the kingdom of heaven on that basis. However, while super-intelligence or big degrees may not be necessary, the discovery of spiritual truth does require just one very reasonable quality of heart which little children have always possessed. Find out just what this basic quality of heart is as you continue your search for spiritual truth within this simple to understand work which only leaves the real spiritual truth left standing.

--Ted Even

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