Anticipating the Rapture

We live in a time where change is occurring at some pace that many simply cannot keep up with. American society is divided politically, philosophically, and in terms of religion. Many changes have been imposed upon our society which force the people to accept alien practices which seem more adaptable to Europe than to the United States of America.

Crime rates are soaring as police officers have become the objects of planned attacks by a lawless society. Members of the Democratic Party speak carelessly in the public arena, and hatred is pushed forward in place of tolerance. How close are we to full-blown anarchy? One wonders.

The world stages are changing almost on a daily basis as the raging nations align and realign in ways that seem designed to fit Bible prophecy. And Christians are divided with some supporting the left-wing assault upon our nation and its bedfellow, the attacks on the Christian faith. Many Christians are looking for the signs spoken of in Matthew 24 by our Lord Jesus: are we ready for what is to come?

--Ted Hallum