Applesauce Kanani: Shhhhh - Don't Talk to Strangers

Applesauce Kanani is a well-liked child by most. During her learning experiences, she learns about good and

bad choices. While she goes about her day, she is always challenged with what is the right or wrong choice to

make. Applesauce Kanani likes to learn, and she tries to think through all of her choices very carefully. Each time

she learns new ways of making different choices, she always takes the time to get by herself and think them

through very carefully. She has good days and bad days. Sometimes she wants to listen and make the right choice,

then there are times she does not want to listen and make the right choice, but she always takes time to eat her

bowl of yummy applesauce and think about what she is going to do. Each time she gets by herself to think, she

has to watch out because Bug-Me-Bug is always there to try to get her to make the wrong choice. El Gecko is a

good guy; he always shows up after Bug-Me-Bug and corrects all of Bug-Me-Bug's mess. El Gecko is trying to

teach Applesauce Kanani that she is always able to make the right choice, and she has control of her choices. Also,

El Gecko is always teaching Applesauce Kanani her greatest power is the power of good choices.

--Morris Wilson