Are Valleys Really Valleys?

This book, Are Valleys Really Valleys? was written from the life that God has given me with all its challenges and journeys, which represents hills and valleys. The world would see and understand that life is filled with impossibilities through man’s eyes, but with Christ, all things are possible to those that believe. Though it may look impossible or don’t turn out the way you’ve expected, with God on your side, life is like sweet grapes. You eat the grapes and spit out the seeds because the seeds do you no good and hold you back from the plans God has designed just for you.

When you read this book, let your valleys be the valleys of peace and comfort, knowing that God is with you always. He will carry you up through your hills and down through your valleys by His strength and power that He never ceases to give us. And the journey goes on…

--Marcella Ann Holloway Smiley

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