Are You “The PRIZE” or Just a Consolation Gift?

Which one are you--"The PRIZE" or consolation gift? The title of this book, Are You "The PRIZE or Just a Consolation Gift? has profoundly captured your attention. Though it has stirred your interest because even without you knowing how to formulate the question, you wanted to know the answer. Nonetheless, the answer is just as diverse as you are, with all your various life experiences up to this point. Although both exist in this world, the one which is valueless is more prevalent in this world of deception than the other. Consequently, the one more useful to GOD in doing HIS GOOD WORK in the earth is least esteemed by those of the world. Therefore, the one devalued by the world is extraordinarily precious because GOD, by HIS SON, WHO is HIS WORD of TRUTH, made all of HIS daughters divinely invaluable. While both exist, this book is written to the woman who knows she's a prize but she's unable to explain in intricate details why. Yet it's also written to the woman who, unbeknownst to her, has been trained to be a consolation gift since she didn't know and has never been told that GOD divinely made her to be a "PRIZE." And lastly but more importantly, this book is written to provide every single GOD-made woman with invaluable nuggets of wisdom on precisely who GOD MADE her to be in HIS VERY GOOD in CHRIST. So if you've said, "Yes, that's me," to either of these categories, this book is written to you. If not, please don't read any further, put the book down, and never read it or buy it.

--Linda Fields

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