Art and Soul: to arouse, to excite, to inspire

Life is a journey we take alone or with others. I believe each of us has infinite possibilities to make the world a better place in many tiny ways. You can. Believe me, you can. Give a smile, a compliment, a new perspective. Find a way to be helpful, useful and positive.

My journey has taken me to over thirty countries. I have accepted friendly advice, learned to be culturally-sensitive, and collected many friends. Learning chigiri-e [Japanese torn washii paper collage] in 1984 got my artistic creativity going. I use this technique and others to bring out nature's beauty. I have won a few awards, had several solo shows, been juried into over sixty exhibitions and published in a couple of magazines. Collectors in China, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Finland, England and Japan are looking forward to this book. Check out the Art Works List page. You may want to learn this technique yourself. May you live your life as fully as I do.

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--Roxsane K. Tiernan