Ascension: A Story of Grace

When the fate of others intertwines, sometimes, not even the heavens can predetermine the outcome their paths will take. On the same day, the sun set and the moon rose, as always, but time had come for two young souls.

Alyssa, a beautiful young woman, was an angel, even before her unfortunate death. Aiden, however, was a wandering soul, even after his time had come. Both were strangers until the Archangel Michael informed them that there was still more they had to do before Aiden’s fate was to be determined.

What could two young people, whose lives had been as different as night and day, have to do with one another?

Could the ties between these two young souls be deeper than what they know? With only seven days before ascension, Alyssa and Aiden must team up and come to terms with their past. They must learn forgiveness and, in return, be granted grace.

--Sherry Hutchison

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