At The Mercy of Pimps and Predators: A true story of government sanctioned human trafficking in Prince Georgeís County, Maryland

This book tells the true story of local-government-sanctioned sex trafficking in Prince Georgeís County in the state of Maryland. This book not only exposes human trafficking within the United States of America, but it also shows that some governmental officials are full participants as pimps and consumers of the sex trafficking. This book is a shout-out to the world, especially to women who are in positions of power to appeal to powerful women so they can take time to look back, to help other less-fortunate women and do something meaningful about ending rape. Talk is cheap, so stop talking just to get votes. Action speaks louder than words. Do a good deed for humanity. It is my prayer and hope that this book will cause a wake-up call to ring across America and cause wives and mothers to get involved to clean this evil sex slave trade out of our nation.

--Dee Grant