Back to the Beginning of a Perfect Creation: Discovering the Creation of Our Civilization

The beginning of Genesis represents the basic foundation of the entire Bible. If the reader does not understand the foundational truths, then he will likely misunderstand the rest of the book. The truths that follow stand or fall upon the foundation of the first few chapters of Genesis. This book is a personal passion of my heart from a conservative viewpoint of God’s Creation of the world. Things did not just come into existence by some cosmic accident or chance, but by an Ingenious Designer-Creator that purposed every facet of His perfect creation. Many individuals have been deceived with the teachings and the lies of evolution, such as man arriving from a monkey. Some teachers have used these lies that the earth is billions of years old. However, the Bible clearly teaches that creation came to pass just over 6,000 years ago. Those years are well documented in Genesis and other Bible accounts. Since my first degree was in science, it is my desire to show every person possible that the Bible is absolutely true and completely trustworthy. The truth is that science is attempting to catch up with biblical truth, yet it never will. That is because the Creator of this vast universe is so far advanced of all scientific discoveries that man will never be able to reach that super-human level of wisdom. God possesses unlimited understanding of creation that man will never achieve. In the beginning, every single thing made was perfect until man committed sin in Genesis 3. My desire is to inspire all who are seeking to uncover the truth about creation to study those conservative teachings about life and how human beings arrived on earth. There is absolutely no scientific evidence of any humans living on any of the other planets. God announced early in Genesis that His focus was upon the heavens and the earth, which is taught throughout the Bible. He never mentions about man getting to another planet, but He does desire that all humans go to heaven. The provision for man to go to heaven is through the blood of Jesus, since this is the Only Way.

--Charles Pratt