BASIC : A U.S. Marine's Unique Perspective on Spiritual Warfare

General Washington's ambush of German mercenaries at Trenton…

General Eisenhower's creation and utilization of the Ghost Army…

The Pearl Harbor invasion…

The First Marine Expeditionary Force's use of white phosphorus artillery rounds in Fallujah…

What do all these military engagements have in common? How do they parallel the epic spiritual battle which rages in the unseen realm?

Does a spiritual battle against good and evil actually exist?

BASIC demystifies the reality of spiritual warfare by breaking down each arena of conflict into three distinct phases -times of peace, times of war, and post-battle debrief

Phase I: Peace Time

You'll find out how to extend the peace times through active vigilance and circumnavigating a crisis entirely by walking in the wisdom of God.

Phase II: Times of War

Seeing through Satanic smoke screens to recognize the true culprit of the attack. How to successfully wade through the fog of war and how to activate God's full arsenal of offensive and defensive weapons against the unseen spirits of darkness.

Phase III: Post-Battle Debrief

Avoiding the pitfall of making spiritual warfare an obsession and your identity. Maintaining the watchful eye on Satan, the Ultimate Opportunist, and how his military tactics parallels that of a combat sniper.

BASIC is a concise, common sense breakdown of biblical spiritual warfare without the hype. It illustrates intangible and sometimes ambiguous spiritual principles in an exciting, easy-to-read format.

--Pete Merwick