Basic Bible Doctrine and Principles for New and Young Christians: Studying Scripture According to Scripture

Basic Bible Doctrine and Principles for New and Young Christians was written with the intent to train the next generation in basic teachings in the Bible. Modern Christianity has failed to produce biblical Christians; instead, it is producing Christians who desire mysticism, signs and wonders, modern Bible versions which confuse rather than teach, health and wealth prosperity gospels, Christian rock music which does not edify, ecumenicalism, etc. Modern Christianity has strayed far from what the Bible teaches, and it is necessary that we return to basic Bible principles and teachings.

People of all ages are becoming saved every day, and it is necessary for them to start their Christian walk with the proper teachings. This book will help new Christians begin their walk with a good understanding of basic Bible doctrine without any bias, something which has been lost. Much of modern Christianity is based on entertainment as is evidenced by many churches and the TV ministries which are basically nothing more than variety shows.

If Christianity is to make any impact in the world, as it did in 1517, it is vital that Christians have an understanding of the Bible. This book contains twenty-seven important subjects which have been distorted in the modern church, and new Christians need to understand these subjects. This book would also be good for home Bible studies and new believers' classes in Sunday schools. This book would also help Christians who are older in the faith or those who have been diverted from the "old paths" and are just confused as to what they hear being taught in the churches today. This book will help ground new Christians and reground older Christians to return to the truth and foundation of the Scriptures.

Other books by this author are The Modern Version Incursion and Bible Prophecy: Interpreting the Scriptures According to the Scriptures.

--Dr. Ken Matto

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