Basketball Sports and Spirituality for Devotionals

The practice of competing in sports has been around a long time. Archaeology provides valuable information on games and athletics in the ancient world. In I Corinthians 9:24-27, there is information of running a race to win and a man fighting. It concludes that the goal is to win a prize that will last forever. Man seems to enjoy competing. Perhaps boredom has a way of creating something to do. Over time, new sports and games are developed. In this day and time, commercialization will become involved as individuals strive to make money. As sports grow in popularity, rules are written and guidelines set. These regulating documents tend to expand as the sport grows in popularity. Terminology for the sport will be refined and expanded to explain the game and its rules.

Sports and Spirituality is a series of devotional books. Each book relates spiritual principles and scriptures to terminology for a particular sport. Terms related to the sport are defined and then used as the central focus to develop devotional thoughts. Each book presents specific devotional thoughts related to the term being discussed. Scriptures are suggested to supplement the devotional study. Studies can be in a group format or individual. The book is written to spark interest for the sports enthusiast who wishes to increase his or her spiritual commitment. Also, it can serve as a devotional guide for those interested in sports and physical activity. It can make an excellent gift book. Everything we do in life should center on serving God, even when playing a sport. We play a sport or game for fun, but we must play the game of life for God. If we ever stop serving God, all will be lost.

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--Dickie Hill, PhD