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Looking Back on LifeLooking back on life…I’d do things differently each day,Learn to listen better and be more patient along the way.I’d begin to waste more time,On little things and the sublime.Looking back on life…I’d see more clearly,The importance of humor; face life more cheerily.Another thing I’d do is measure,People I meet, as “gift” and “treasure.”Looking back on life…I’d make time to laugh and joke,Lighten up, let my guard down whenever I spoke.Aim to be less rigid, set a better example,Be less quarrelsome and prideful, a lot more discreet.Looking back on life…I’d see nature anew,The stars, sun and moon; the sky’s beautiful blue.I’d like time to serve God, worship and pray,Knowing it’s God that makes life better each day.Looking back on life…I’d more often hug a friend,Seek forgiveness, do whatever I could, to allow friendships to mend.I’d more thoughtfully cherish the years,The joys, sacrifices, sorrow, and tears.Looking back on life…I’d have to admit,The importance of keeping physically fit.Seek to help and encourage others more,Receive God’s blessings more than before.Looking back on life…Really would clearly show,How “changing” and “flexibility” allowed me to grow.And as I sought to bid fond farewell,Life seemed short, yet I’d lived it well!I’m thankful, too, that I always remained “teachable.”Richard “Dick” C. Mattock

--Richard "Dick" C. Mattock

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