Beagle Beach Buddies: Savanna and Tybee Explore Florida

In their second adventure book, Savanna and Tybee depart snowy Indiana to travel in the RV to the sunshine state of Florida. They leave Nanny behind to visit Florida Granny. Day trips include going to the beach and discovering sea creatures they've never seen before. They will find that Florida's state parks have slithering snakes and alligators. Look at their different reactions when they see manatees gliding through a spring at a state park. Savanna enjoys viewing the lighthouse, whereas Tybee likes the day the family went to see skydivers falling from the sky one after another. There are so many new adventures on this trip. They can't wait to go back to see where their noses will lead them. Follow more of the beagles' adventures through the author's Instagram account, trinastuller.

--Trina Stuller

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