Beautiful in His Time

Beautiful in His Time is a book of poetic love letters written to express feelings deep inside the soul. This book is filled with prayers, love letters, trials, and triumphs that were difficult to express verbally but were all written in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Each line in this poetry book is meant for readers to know that they are not alone and how much Christ loves them. No matter where you are in your walk with the Lord, He is always with you, and He longs to be close to you. This book was written to inspire you about how powerful and beautiful it is to allow the Holy Spirit to sanctify you so that you can glorify Him in all you do. Life suddenly has the most fulfilling meaning, and every day God will make you beautiful in His perfect time if you surrender to His control. As a result, you will soon realize that your strength and identity is in Him alone. Despite the troubles you will face, there is always an unspeakable joy, peace, and comfort found only in Jesus.

--Alison Simon