Beautifully and Wonderfully Made

The story Beautifully and Wonderfully Made is about a little girl named Jacqueline. She is nervous about her first day of Kindergarten because she has a fluttering eye. Her restlessness is calmed with the love, prayerful support and encouragement of her family. Jacqueline is reminded of Namaw’s morning pep talk that told her that God has made her to be one of a kind. By the end of the day, she has met eighteen other students who have some type of physical/mental challenge. Jacqueline is delighted to have made friends who are just like her who are happy, confident, and secure in who they are. Jacqueline is comforted and smiles as she learns that all children are beautifully and wonderfully made!

This book is unique because it is interactive; there are two games within the story.

It is for children age 2 through 12. You can follow Eve on her Facebook page Eve Carton Francis and write to her at

--Eve Francis

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