Beautifully Being She

You have been remarkably and wonderfully made. That's what God says. Isn't it time that we stop allowing culture and society to determine the identity and value of who we are? Isn't it time that we start looking at who God says we are? What God says about His creation?

Proverbs 31 has all too often been misapplied to tell women unless they are married and follow this proverb they don't measure up. Maybe there is a much deeper meaning to proverbs 31 than what we've been taught? Perhaps a closer look what it says according to Hebrew and Jewish traditions would bring startling clarity? Could the identity of a woman mirror the identity of the bride of Christ? If it is, then this proverb is for men as well. Perhaps some of the labels against women have been applied because of a lack of understanding of who one is as the bride of Christ.

Beautifully Being She is about the identity of women as God's lovely creation and about the Bride of Christ. As you read, study, and work through questions, you will begin living in freedom and truth. No longer will you have to shy away from Proverbs 31 because it's just an ideology that one could never measure up toóbut instead to embrace who God has created you to be and walk fully alive in Christ!

--Tami Martin