Beautifully Broken from Darkness to Light: My Testimony

Take a look around. People are suffering everywhere; the effects of sin is undeniable. Women and men alike are hurting, lost, broken, and desperate for a solution to what seems to be a hopeless situation in their lives. Life will knock you down and keep on beating you until you have nothing left but perhaps a tiny fragment of hope. You may feel like you have been defeated, deeply wounded, and scarred by those closest to you. Maybe you even feel that there is no reason to go on living. Do any of these sound like you? You may feel as if you are all alone, stuck in an endless cycle, with no way to escape the chaos and darkness of this corrupt and fallen world. What if there was a way, would you want to know?Take a look into this woman’s testimony to see how she was saved from rejection, depression, worthlessness, addiction, betrayal, physical and sexual abuse, and even suicide. Witness the courage and strength God gave her to not only get through the most painful and agonizing time of her life, but to come out victorious on the other side, as she surrendered her life wholeheartedly to Him. Through her story, experience the goodness of our God as He transformed this shattered woman and gave her peace, a renewed passion for life, healed her heart, and made her whole through Jesus Christ. Learn that our God is good, faithful, and full of grace, mercy, and compassion. Know that God will do the same for you if you will just accept Him and let Him into your heart. There is only one question to ask yourself: Are you ready to make the choice, to step out of the darkness and into His magnificent light?

--Annabella Alessandra-DeJesus'

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