Best Jump Ever

The Best Jump Ever came into being when a grasshopper landed on my windshield as I was driving out of town. This does not happen very often where I live. I slowed my car down as the grasshopper looked like he was clinging to the window shield. As the car slowed down, he was able to hop off. I realized that I had the beginning of a story for children. I shared my story with our neighbor girl, and she was all excited about the possibility of the story. I wanted to give the reader something more than just a cute story, and as a mother and a grandmother plus a teacher, I have been concerned about the high pressure that children today must be feeling with the competitive spirit that is present in our society. Therefore Best Jump Ever became a reality as I began to formulate the story. I wanted it to be realistic even though I was using an insect to tell the story to show the children that we don’t always have to be first or to always win.

--Amelia Saylor Derr