Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief is a personal testimony and commentary to the true living God who remains active in our lives today and forever. It is about our relationship with God. Scripture references, if not, notated are from New King James Version, otherwise, with notations of King James Version or New Century Version. There is reason and purpose for each of our lives to be discovered here. Lying within our daily progression, we learn how to enhance our Christian walk and stabilize through our ups and downs. The reader will flow from the individual relationship into the body of Christ as a whole. Each phase is documented with miracles and personal experiences. Unexplainable events prove the hand of God throughout. It is the primary focus of this book to be a witness as to the fact that God does exist and is hard at work in our behalf. Not only are we created for His purpose but to serve and help each other. What is missing in the church today is the development of our spiritual self. All emphasis is on sin and physical pleasures. It is the spiritual self that lives eternally. This is what must be increased and applied while we are yet serving on this earth. Growing spiritually is imperative to growing our faith and the kingdom of God. The times we currently live in demand immediate attention to this point. The church must be seen and heard in unity.

--Kahlayah Wilkes

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