Beyond the Sunset

In Beyond the Sunset, the sixth novel in Ron Shafer's There Is a River saga, two cultures repeatedly collide. Jude and Cory's world of love, embodied in their beautiful wedding and honeymoon, clashes with the world of the carnal thugs. The intelligent Todd Cravener, pitifully caught in the crossfire between the two worlds, deals with the overwhelming guilt of his girlfriend's death. Is there hope for such misdirected people who botch their lives so completely? In the words of one reader, "Todd is like many people today--forlorn, hopeless, and scared!" The lives of the antagonists and the protagonists of these two worlds crisscross in a series of breath-taking episodes which build to a riveting climax during Kittanning's Light-up Night when the inebriated stooges kidnap two innocent people. "That," a reader shares, "is one of the most suspenseful scenes I've read in modern fiction! My pulse soared!" Will the daring rescue scheme succeed?

--Ron Shafer

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