Bible Stories for Young People Volume I

This book is written for those of the believing community who want to provide a resource for children and young people who have begun their spiritual walk in life or the nonbelieving community who are simply curious as to why we believe as we do in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Children and youth will enjoy this book of Bible stories, will learn new words and phrases, will be able to contemplate a moral or character lesson, and may use this in all types of classes, presentation events, or youth activities.

These are not just stories about people but also stories about what some may define as miracles, extraordinary events that reveal divine intervention in a human condition or affair.

The book may be used for all types of learning situations. It may be used as a companion study book to the Bible on an ongoing basis, a reference book, as a gift, or a way to begin the lifelong journey your child takes in learning and understanding the Bible.

--Constance Morrow

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