Biblical Nibbles: The Bread of Life

Biblical Nibbles was inspired by the Holy Spirit. It initially started from journaling everyday as a release of hurt and pain as I was going through a separation and ultimately a divorce of the man I sacrificially loved. I didn’t want to respond in a harsh unproductive way so I would just write but it was God speaking to me as I was writing. It helped me get through the process, moving me from being stuck and holding on to what was and embracing what was to come. Each writing showed me my growth on a spiritual and emotional level. I believe it was truly a major outlet God used to heal me. I’m inspired to share what God used to heal me to also heal others who are hurting. This is spiritual manna, God revealing his unconditional and eternal love. Affirming who and whose we are, making his presence known and standing with us in the dark places of life. Breaking bread and supping with us and realigning our focus on the covenant and relationship we have with him. Unveiling purpose and destiny. God uses the dark to shed light on things that matter and puts a mandate on the work he needs us to do. Letting us know we’re never alone and nothing can separate us from him. When we have our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we have it all.

--Sheila Grant