Bill's Bible Briefs

The information and teaching contained in this work is the accumulation of nearly sixty years of experience as a Christian, most of that time and experience in various leadership roles from youth group officer as a teen to church elder and assistant pastor. The author has been involved in numerous and varied denominational and nondenominational groups and churches and various moves of the Spirit of God within the Church.

It is the author’s strong belief that Christ’s return is coming soon and that Jesus is calling His Bride into a level of preparedness for that day that will change the Church.

This work is a collection of papers written to address various issues and aspects of the Christian faith and walk. These papers were written at various times over many years, but primarily after 2015. Some were written from speaking notes or Sunday school lesson outlines. Others were issues that the author had observed were affecting portions of the Church or revelations he felt were from the LORD.

Consequently, the subjects are eclectic and wide-ranging from spiritual gifts serving in the kingdom of God to child discipline; from spiritual warfare to basic spiritual rebellion; from the principle of tithing to small church groups. Consequently, the reader should review the list of titles and determine which topic or topics the Holy Spirit is directing him or her to read.

--Bill Taylor

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