Birds Having Church

Ever wonder why birds, such as sparrows, blue jays, ravens, seagulls, and bluebirds sit side by side on telephone wires or light poles all clustered together, rain or shine? They are gathering to have church together. Maybe it’s their Sunday school class, Bible study, or practicing for the church choir. You can sometimes hear them chirping, some louder than others. They are singing praises to God. They teach us how God wants us to show His love and kindness to all, big or small, soft spoken, loud, or noisy. We all matter to God! As a child, I would always ask my parents, "Why are all the birds up there, and what are they doing? Each time they answered, "The birds are having church". I pray that as you read this book, you also share with your kids and grandkids, as I have, the importance of acceptance, love, and kindness to all. Remember, Jesus loves you!

--Connie B. Drumm