Black Man: Put Down Your Gun, Pull Up Your Pants, Do It For Your Mama!

This title is a hard-nosed critique of black men living in America. It’s an analytical observation of black men’s revolving incarceration rate and obsessive fixation with wearing saggy pants, exposing their underwear. The book will take you on a journey showcasing the author’s own detrimental behavior that deservedly leads to his inevitable arrest. The writer dissects the causes and effects of the penal system, black men’s indifference to it, and the harmful message it sends to future generations of young black men. You’ll read about extraordinary black women and their unapologetic loyalty to black men. In the end, you will witness a family nearly destroyed, then reunited to overcome betrayal and travel down the road of forgiveness and redemption. This work is a powerful insight into the ongoing struggle to combat ignorance and crime while paying tribute to mothers. You will be mesmerized by a comprehensive plan to uplift a population. This page turner is a must-read for all families darkened by the shadows of illegal vices, violence, and violations of the dress code.

--Garland B. Johnson