Blind Faith

Blind Faith is the story of a boy who didn’t need to see to believe. Mark Dowdy was born blind, with only light perception and a vague sense of shape to form his concept of the environment around him. Music was his friend from the beginning, helping him to bridge the gap between his clouded perception and the sighted world. In Blind Faith, you will read about a boy who knew the heartache of thirteen failed eye operations by age ten, as well as the thrill of performing his music before thousands at the same time. At age fifteen, Mark became the first blind Eagle Scout in the state of Georgia while simultaneously watching his friends getting their driver’s licenses and coming to the realization that he would never be able to drive a car. Then at age thirty-seven came the prayer that changed everything and a surgery that would give him a chance to see the world as never before. Would this surgery be different? Would Mark get the opportunity to see his wife and small children and the world around him with greater clarity? Read Mark Dowdy’s inspiring journey from believing to seeing—and trusting God with his past, present, and future.

--Mark Dowdy with Michelle Dowdy