Blue Sunday

Blue Sunday was a story that I created in 2016. It is a story about redemption for the assistant pastor Gregory Emory, who wanted nothing to do with God after two of his closest family members died, and the redemption of a former drug addict, Shane Gaudet, who was running from his own past troubles that cause him to hide from God. The main character, Greg, believes God cured him of cancer. In turn, because he is in the business of saving souls, he wants to help his old best friend find God. God brings the two men together under the same roof and leads them through a series of dreams to rediscover each other.

I was very intrigued by how my mother and her sisters would interpret dreams ever since I was a little girl. I decided to create a story that included a series of dreams that had to be decoded throughout until the very end

--Latricia Thornton

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