Breaking the Chains: By the Supernatural Power of Jesus

Learn how to break your chains of bondage or help a loved one in addiction understand the supernatural power of the enemy that has been keeping them in bondage. Find out how to fight with the authority given to you by God through his Son Jesus Christ There was a time I was lost in a hopeless pit of pain, bound by chains of addiction, and overcome by spirits of darkness. I was engulfed by a sickness that seemed impossible to overcome, not knowing the thoughts that overtook my mind were all lies from the enemy. My body was in such pain and my mind was so hijacked by the enemy I could never imagine a life without drugs. This was the hopelessness that surrounded me. I could only accept that I believed I was a worthless nobody. Broken and lost in a world of chaos and evil, I was faced with the reality of what I had done, what I had become. I cried out to the only one that could help me (God), for this was way beyond human help. My eyes were opened, logic became a blur, the God that I had run from for so long heard my cry. The demons I was in bondage to became surreal. I now faced a fight of the supernatural, in which I was shown how deceived and embedded in lies the enemy had me. I was engulfed in shame, anger, pain, and unforgiveness, for this is what the enemy fed upon. Jesus, in all his glory and mercy, rescued me. He pulled me from Satan's grasp. I have been redeemed and set free through the Supernatural power of Jesus Christ. For Jesus already won the battle for us by sacrificing himself and conquering death. We have the opportunity to live with him in eternity. Therefore we do not go to victory, but through Jesus we come from victory.

--Shannon Baum

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