Broken Education

This is not a book of research, but it is a book of an experienced teacher/coach over five decades. He tells you of many different parts of the education system of the USA. Research studies and practical experiences with references to psychology and behavior are webbed and threaded throughout the book. You will recognize some of the happenings because you will have lived them. You may be surprised on why your experience was what it was. You will look at many components of the system and will be asked to make a difference within this system, more than just in your child's classroom or school.

It asks the following questions: Should education be just like any other business? Or is it different because it takes so long to assess the success of the product (the kids' productivity as an adult)? Many schools are run as a business because that is where the legislators and many of the trustees who make the laws and finance the system come from. Should we be competitive in all areas or is there room for cooperative setting. Can we use a combination?

Many questions are asked, but definite answers are not given. The parameters are set, and efforts from the past are given. You are challenged to take part in the change, and do what is best for all the kids of today.

The journey through this short book is quite enduring for most. Seeing that we all have been students, many are parents, and some of you work in the system. Throughout the book you will be challenged to become a part of the solution, not part of the problem or not caring. We all need to take part in the changing of the United States Culture.

--Gary F. Wagner