Broken Pieces

I always enjoyed writing but it wasn’t until a few years back that writing became more than just a hobby, it became my survival mechanism. In 2014, through many challenging life events, health issues, and personal setbacks I suddenly found myself as a single mom of two, newly divorced after fifteen years of marriage, barely making ends meet, lost, out of focus, empty, and completely broken. It was through this dark period in my life that God so lovingly came, met me at my lowest, and patiently restored me. “Broken Pieces” is a collection of poems, my own personal letters that have healed me from the agony of rejection, isolation, betrayal, lust, pride, hatred, bitterness, self-harm, anger, frustrations, and it became my own personal three-year journey to patience, joy, inner peace, and acceptance. Although, I am finally able to open my heart to trust and love again, “Broken Pieces” is my own admission that I am still a work in progress as I yield and surrender it all to God.

--Yadira Hall