Bullied in the Bible Belt

Rev. Skipworth's courage, candor, and compassion jump from the pages of this compilation of his weekly newspaper columns, "Letters to the Editor," rebuttals from area ministers, and responses from readers written in the heart of Tennessee's Bible Belt. This book is a give and take between a progressive follower of Jesus and his often-irate readers/respondents, most of whom are biblical literalists and evangelical white Christians.

With Skip, what you see or read is what you get. He not only tackles the hard issues, while wearing vulnerably, but also brilliantly translates and integrates his columns with the informed biblical and theological understanding of many of the most learned minds within progressive Christianity. While making their work understandable for his readers, friends and foes alike, he painstakingly applies their insights to the divisive theological and political issues liberal clergy and laity have tragically failed to address honestly with each other.

Skip deserves our gratitude for this informed and courageous gift, and the whole church owes him our thoughtful and willing dialogue.

Taken from the Foreword by Bishop Joseph Sprague.

--Gene Skipworth