Carry Isabella

When I looked up, I was startled by a vision that invaded all of my view. From out of the sun, I watched a line of people walking across the sky toward me. They were covered with sunlight and seemed to be of the sunlight.

The first person to appear from within the sunlight was a man. Following behind him was a woman who had a large load in her arms as she walked. The person to follow her was a greater Man. He held an even greater load in His arms.

As I looked at this third person, The Lord spoke into my heart and said, “You are carrying a load, but while you carry this load, I will carry you. You are pregnant. Now go and carry Isabella to her parents.”

Following that man from within the sun, many people were walking. Some of them held things like instruments, and some held tools and equipment while marching. And in this large group, there were others who seemed to be dancing while following in this great formation.

The vision came to an end, and I became aware of myself lying on my sheet again. I was in awe at what I had seen and began thinking about what The Lord had spoken to my heart, as I was absolutely sure of His communication with me in that moment. Though every piece of the vision was yet to be interpreted to me, I knew I was pregnant, and I was sure that that baby girl growing inside of me was to be named Isabella.

--Ariel Isabella