Cecil and Lois An Old Love Story Revisited

True love endures. This love story has taken over fifty-seven years to tell. It began with the hot fiery passion of youth, the separation of our lovers because of time and space, and then the rekindling of that love from the embers found in the ashes of that fire.

The story starts in the coastal town of Watsonville, California, where these lovers met at Watsonville High School in 1960.

Anyone who was alive in the fifties and early sixties really miss those good old days. We did not realize at that time how great they were. We enjoyed simple pleasures. Cruising on a Saturday night, drive-in movies, and many nights sitting at the beach listening to the radio.

We were innocent but not prudish, mischievous but not mean, respectful to our parents, the elderly, and those in authority. We were not angels, but neither were we devils.

So from those days, which have taken on an idealistic perspective, we progress to real life as grown-ups in the eighties and nineties. This double autobiography follows the lives of Cecil and Lois through marriages, divorces, births, deaths, and all the myriad of unexpected events that came along the way.

And at last we reach retirement after all those years of employment. What we hoped for does not turn out exactly like we thought. Again, unexpected events and surprises await us. But true love endures.

--Cecil Smith & Lois Bumbalough-Molina