Chasing the Horizon: The Dawn of Pandora

Julian Phillips is a brilliant young man who would grow to become the most powerful mind of the modern era. However, his cutting edge work at NASA is set aside. Instead he refocuses his genius in an effort to save the lives of his loved ones. In his exploration of the interweaving of time and space he uncovers ties between the ancient past, present and future. He unlocks the secrets of Stonehenge, its purpose, who built it and why. And once he does he sees his chance to save the love of his life. A number of surprises and unexpected twists and turns lead him in directions that he could never have imagined. But hanging in the balance are the lives of so many more innocent people. Once this Pandora’s box has been opened, it can never be closed. What will he choose? His own selfish vision or the greater good of mankind? Either way, his decision will change the world forever.

--Louis Lee