Chasing the Wind: A Portrait of Distorted Love and the Cycle of Addictions and Relationships

This book is partly about the word love and what does it really

mean to use it. An example is, I Love my wife and I love my

chocolate, which is the deeper degree of love. What does it

really mean to the person hearing the word love, what do they

have in their life that relates to this word? What if they were

beaten and abused as a child and then were told I love you.

Maybe the child witnessed their father beat their mother while

on drugs and later was put in prison, what is their truth about

love? What all has been deposited in the child's bucket as their

truth. What has your children witnessed and associated with

the word love? This book takes a close look into distorted love

and addictions and broken relationship cycles. To really study

these issues, we must have a foundation of the Bible scriptures

to get to the truth. Has Satan been at work in your home with

the words you use?

God is the God of redemption, following the principal of the

renewing of our mind can promote healing and new growth.

Love in the Bible is a verb.

--Dr. Terry M. Reed

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