Christian, My Son: What God Spoke after the Death of My Child

“As I sat in prayer, through tears and anguish and bitterness of soul, He was with me. He too will be with You if You acknowledge Jesus as Your Savior. This story is God’s story. He is the author of my life and though I would like to choose to write things differently, I trust Him.”

Christian, My Son takes you through the journey of one woman’s immense grieving over the loss of her only son, Christian, and everything that God spoke to her during that time. From the day of her son's tragic passing to over a year after his death, she chronicles how God spoke to her each step of the way in her grieving. Taken through moments of hope and encouragement, to times of defeat and exhaustion, she shares how God was there through it all and taught her many great truths. There were questions. There were answers. There were many occasions of despair but also numerous incidents of being challenged to live out the faith she believed in.

The author shares candidly about the thoughts and feelings she experienced after the loss of her beloved son and includes real journal entries in hopes that other hurting hearts will know they are not alone in what they may be feeling. Based on the truths of God found in the Bible, this true story offers comfort to readers, that there is a hope and a future for those who choose to seek after Jesus. Christian, My Son is an emotional read, but one full of truth and hope.

--S.M. Alvarez

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