Christmas Magic in Believing

It was a new beginning, and Amber gave meaning to “love at first sight.” She petted and rubbed me the moment she held me in her arms. Being the petite, cute, and adorable tortoiseshell kitten that I was and still am, she was as lucky to find me as I was to find her.

It’s that time of the year—the Christmas preparation, school ending for break, and visitors stopping by to chat. With all the exciting Christmas preparation going on in the kitchen, Amber did not pay attention to the front door, not catching as folks came to visit today. I discovered that I could pull the door open with my paw, and my curiosity was getting the best of me. Outside and lost…I could only assume, Amber would have noticed that I was missing.

“Lost, you say! Well, I’m Rev. Bosco C. Hope at your rescue. The C stands for Cat and most call me BC. There is no reason to be scared as long as I’m around. So take a deep breath and relax and tell me your story.”

“So I want to get home. You’re telling me that Christmas magic can guide me? I only have to believe.”

I have no other choice but to trust BC, which stood for Big Cat in my perception. The journey begins; I’m following in an unfamiliar area that could seem dangerous. I could see BC’s ears move slowly; he was still as a statue. I could sense tension from BC; this was not a good sign.

“Amber, Amber. Oh yes, I wanted to be home with Amber,” I was muttering to myself with a timid meow.

--Sandra Garris Woolard

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