Codex Q.: Manuscript for Murder

Internationally renowned archaeologist, antiquities scholar Shepard Bradford finds himself catapulted into a world of intrigue, mystery, and murders of several priests whose deaths came as a result of a plot at the hands of an ultrasecret order unbeknownst to the world. At the center of his ordeal is an ancient codex, long believed by scholars to be lost to history. The manuscript is the original and authentic record of the man that changed history, Jesus of Nazareth. What he uncovers might undermine the very essence of Christianity. Lured unexpectedly into this unimaginable journey is Daniel Fowler, a young Episcopal priest who is torn between his faith and fact. Along with Fowler is Janet Anton, a journalist from the National Geographic Society. All three become entangled into a world of deceit and shock. Ultimately Bradford’s quest leads him to become the focus of an international criminal investigation that rely on his expertise at unravelling the case of the murders that spanned two continents and may cause an unprecedented paradigm shift.

--Mario Jimenez

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