Come to the River

The Shenandoah Valley had all the visible makings of the finest Holiday greeting card with its lush rolling hills, majestic mountains and the mighty Shenandoah River.

Abby and Andi were raised in the valley among a beautiful community of faith. They were raised to love Jesus and were deeply rooted in God’s Word; but these identical twin sisters lived completely opposite lives.

Abby, a home-health nurse, was well loved and respected by her family and friends. Andi, Abby’s mirror twin sister lived a rebellious, sordid life. Between empty, loveless affairs and alcohol addiction she was on a fast track to destruction.

The day Isaac Graham, a widower and father of a four-year-old daughter, moved to the Shenandoah Valley was more than anyone could have expected. Dr. Graham was an earnest believer who came to town to serve his indigent patients in the community clinic. But when Abby arrived for her appointment to abort her unborn child, he never thought he could be so disconcerted with both shock and betrayal.

Living Waters Church was a bulwark of the community and few things came in or went out of the Valley without passing through the prayer gates of this body of believers. But for several prominent families, what was about to transpire would forever change the entire landscape of their lives. Come to the river to find what tests, trials, joy and triumphs they experienced.

--April Stinson Stubbs