Comfort in Time of Bereavement: Scriptures and Inspirational Support During the Time of the Death of a Loved One

Gerome Singleterry is a born-again Christian that has received salvation from God, he has always wanted to do something to help advance his kingdom. Gerome has written over three hundred contemporary Christian songs and had his own Christian band called Faith. God blessed him to write all of the songs for that group. He also writes a daily Facebook devotion called “Think About?” He is proposing to publish it also.

God and his family are the most important things in his life, but he believes serving God should come before anything. He got the idea to write the book, Comfort in Time of Bereavement, from a lady that was his customer. She came into their dealership looking to buy an RV. He took her out on the lot to show her some different models, and when they came back in to write up a deal, the lady start crying. Gerome asked her what was wrong, and the lady told him she couldn’t buy an RV today because her dad had died, and she was in too much grief. He told her she didn’t have to buy an RV, but if it was okay with her, he would start sending her scriptures from the Bible that would give her strength and comfort during her time of grief. The lady asked him, “Would you do that?” He said, “Yes.” Gerome started sending her scriptures about death from the Bible to her e-mail. Then one day, God spoke to his heart and said, “Why not write a book that would give people strength and comfort to help get them through the death of a love one?”

--Gerome Singleterry