Coming Before the Lord

Can we have a personal relationship with God today?

What does it require to become a believer?

Is it possible to enter the presence of God like they did in the OT?

Can anything from an old book like the Bible be used today?

Does applying the Scriptures in the twenty-first century really answer today’s questions for living life to the fullest?

The Old and New Testaments reveal much about the character of God. Examples of both good and evil are revealed for our learning. The results of both good and evil are explained in detail, and we can see the results of each choice. As we read through the Bible, we see evidence of God’s plan for mankind and opportunities to become more acquainted with Him. Working together with the Holy Spirit provides guidance and understanding that are intended to strengthen and help us. This wisdom has practical applications that provide a better way to handle life. He has revealed ways we can use to personalize a relationship with Him that can grow over time.

Entering His Presence is possible today because of what Christ accomplished by his death, burial, and resurrection. The finished work of Christ has opened a gateway to the throne of God that was not available to each believer before. We become like the priests of old and have access to the Father.

Old Testament rituals have been replaced with New Testament opportunities that seek Him and receive help and understanding. The sending of the Holy Spirit has provided us with the Helper that resides inside of every believer. We can have a personal relationship with our Creator. Entering His Presence is possible today because Christ broke down the barrier that once stood between God and man.

Come join Him through the scriptural invitation that is extended to all. Experience the finished work of Christ right now—before His return. Now is the acceptable time to call upon His name and live life to the fullest and become ready for the eternity that awaits you!

--Doug Poole

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